Importance of drummers in every band

There is nothing equal to the energy derived from the astonishing music from on-stage musical band performances. Bands are the group of musicians who play various musical instruments together in a specific music style. There are several types of bands such as Concert band, Jazz band, Military band etc which is having their unique styles of musical sounds and notes. Bands are incomplete without the drummers. They are the anchors of the bands, providing the foundation for the tone of every song, play stringent sounds which makes the whole play as a rocking one. Guitar, piano and bass players also have the ability to convey beautiful music to the audience, but no other instrument can give dynamic powerful vibes as the drum beats. At first, drummers played a vital role in military conflicts. Military drummers play the music throughout the parades, marching pace and elevated troop morale on the battlefield. Nowadays they are not used in battlefields, but in ceremonies and celebrations. Four piece bands are the most common configuration for the rock and pop genres. It includes one lead guitarist, one rhythm guitarist and he is also doing vocals, a bassist, and a drummer. The beats from the drummer only impact the whole music output of the band, and he should have a good time without any excuses while playing and should be the best, as other players rely upon the beats of the drummers. Such a special feature and emotional mood connect with the audience has been made for the drummers in the bands from the primordial musical cultures.

John Ferraro

John Ferraro is one of the skilled and ablest songs supporting drummers belongs to Waterbury, Connecticut and he is a musician who serves the band as a whole, wide, and expansive musical knowledge. He was born to a trumpet-playing father and piano playing mother and he started his own musical impacts from the very young age of five years old. As his father and mother are musicians, he has enormous musical interests and he was introduced through various musical styles. His strong technical background and flexibility through various musical styles made him accommodate any number of styles from the jazz, rock, pop, big band, and Rhythm & blues. His idols and influences are Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Joe Morello, Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts and Tony Williams. His unique drumming style made him be easily recognized and was praised by critics and musicians.


Early stages of life

His family moved to southern California when he was twelve years old. At that time, he embarked on his musical career. In his school days, he used to participate in marching bands, various talent shows, and school jazz bands etc. He joined in Orange Coast College and Cal state long beach to complete his major in business administration and he took performance classes. He was also a member of a jazz ensemble and got several honors for being a good instrumentalist. His first professional gig, which he worked for four years, was launched at Disneyland for newly open spaced mountain attraction. He also performed with the local band called Storyville for several years. His friend Stephen curry told that he want to be a drummerand he says it’s his goal.

Musical talent and achievements

JJohn performed for Lion King in 2001-2002 at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. He went around the world through Barry Manilow’s world tour and enjoyed playing for Biff Baby’s all-stars. Tak Matsumoto’s blue horizon release and Takuro’s albums are the latest recordings. He is also a music producer and playing on a new album with his longtime friends. In Ilio Spectrasonics loop sample library, he is a featured artist. His recent projects are Anchorman 2, Mike love from the beach boys, Seweryn Krajewski from Red guitar, Kenny fine solo album, Demisharps Christmas album 2016. Additionally, he performs as a session musician for television programs and commercials. He has played extensively with guitar legend Larry Carlton. His hardcore sensibility, hip-hop energy, pop appeals are really marvelous and exclusive one.


He is one of the best drummers who is servicing unique and fabulous beats to the music lovers through his exciting playing style and became an influential drummer of all time for the audience. John is known as “Drum Junkie” with an arsenal of tools for the right sound. His extensive collection of drum kits allow him to set up, tune, and provide a quality range of sound and style by using various vintages, shell materials, wood, synthetics, and metals. His combination of talent and practices of a collection of drums had made him handle any type of musical situation. He was respected and admired by both teachers and students and he enjoyed a busy career playing and touring with some of the biggest names in the musical industry. Most of his inspirations were drawn from famous players who were at the forefront of the British hard rock scene. After a certain period of time, he emulates jazz and big band musicians.

He also performed a wide range of studio works. His musical works for various commercial channels and programs made him feature in Rod Stewart’s standard album. As a player for Promise Keepers Men’s Christian ministry at live stadium worship concerts, his albums were heard for past eight years. He worked with various notable artists such as Boz Skaggs, Carl Anderson, David Benoit, George Bensen, Carlos Rios, Kirk Whalum, Tim Weisberg and many more musicians around the world.

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