Military drummer

Military drum music is one type of martial music, which is not used as a delightful entertaining music, but for military communication purposes, drills, parades, and honors. They are used to convey orders between the leaders and soldiers of the army, especially in the battlefield so that they could understand the orders even in longer distances amidst loud noises in the field. The main instrument of the military drum music is Side drum. They are designed as rope tension design with wide wooden hoops. Various varieties of flutes and pitches are used along with the drums. A corps of drums is a musical unit of several different groups of armies. As the musical importance of corps of drums became more ceremonial, other new instruments are added with the band to make the musical output fiercer and stronger. Drummers wore unique uniforms with different colors to stand out from the army troops. They are also armed with drummers’ sword, a short sword with a simple brass hilt. At the battlefield, the musical sounds of the drums instill some courage in every soldier’s heart. The role of a military drummer is a fascinating one and he carries a huge responsibility for every order on the battlefield.