Tribal drummers

The music of drums emerged from the early human civilization and it is popularly associated with the birth of humankind. Tribal music is a traditional culture of the people which is still alive with the people living around the forests and small villages. This tribal drum music started with just striking ordinary prolonged membrane with a curved stick. The origin of drums to be as early around 6000 B.C, in historical archeological excavations in caves and several paintings proves the use of drums in very early human communal life. In tribal culture, drums play a pivotal role in religious and ritual ceremonies. It is also used for communication purpose to announce important information to all the people around the area. The drum music is used as an expression of emotions and to create ceremonial moods among the people. Tribal music is an integral part in the development of modern music genres such as jazz, pop etc. It combined with the latest music to create new types of dances such as jitterbug and twist which are so enjoyable to the audience. Music from the tribal culture is an important part of the history and it is a roadmap of music for the future.